Spring 2024 Registration is Open!

Registration Steps:

*** Before logging into Crossbar - Make sure your player's USA Lacrosse Membership is valid THROUGH Jun 2024.

GLC, similar to most lacrosse programs in the United States, partners with USA Lacrosse. USA Lacrosse provides many benefits to the game holistically, but very importantly USA Lacrosse provides exclusive insurance coverage for all USA Lacrosse members. The insurance program is included as a part of USA Lacrosse membership and includes features for different membership categories. 

REMEMBER your player's USA Lacrosse Membership ID for registration.

1. Create an account on Glastonbury's Crossbar site.  ***If you use Crossbar for other sports, you will likely already have a profile in GLC's instance of Crossbar. 

2. Add your players to your account as "PARTICIPANTS" in Crossbar. It should look like below:

3. Select REGISTER when viewing your participants, or use the Boys or Girls Program home pages to register from there.